What is an AMV (Anime Music Video)?

For example, you take one of your favourite animes and one of your favourite songs and cut them together. Voila!

But just cutting them together isn’t the all, you have to mix and match them together in a way that adds to each others strengths and fits together nicely. Through AMVs, you can put your own spin on animes and show of your creativity to create something wonderful.

Are you ready to get creative? Your art, your stage, your time and your AMV!


The contest will be divided into 3 categories. Beginner, Advanced and Pro. The category which you should submit to will be detailed a bit later on this page. Dividing the AMVs into multiple categories doesn’t only help new editors but also helps long-time editors to battle against other editors on a similar level. Thanks to that, the AMV-Contest can be fair for people with all kinds of experience in creating AMVs!

The following basic rules are valid for all of the AMV Contests:

· The deadline is on August 15th at 23:59 [GMT+1 (Austria)]. If you encounter any delays with your AMV, you have to tell us before the deadline in order to still enter!

· This contest only allows exclusive AMVs which means that your AMV cannot have been submitted to another contest or published before the contest has happened at AniNite 2021 (August 27th – August 29th).

· Your footage can consist out of: Anime, Games, Fandoms and other forms of Animation (Manga, Cartoons, Disney, etc.). Please keep in mind that the main theme of this AMV contest is“Anime-Style” and Japanese culture. Up to ⅓ of your AMV can use alternative footage that does not fit with this rule.

· Your video needs to consist of editing that you’ve made yourself and does not reuse content of other AMVs.

· Logos, Watermarks and Subtitles from the original footage must be removed as much as possible. If your concept needs logos, subtitles, etc., then it’s fine to use them!

· You can only submit one AMV per person or per Multi-Editor-Project. This only takes into account if you’re actively working with other people on an AMV. If you’re for example just giving feedback, then you’re free to enter with your own AMV!

· Your video must have a length of between 1 to 5 minutes and should have a humane file size (max. 100MB/min)

· The AMV must have a resolution of at least 720p and be in an 16:9, 21:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio. We recommend using a resolution of 1920 x 1080 which is an aspect ratio of 16:9.

· The video file should be playable with basic video players (such as the VLC Player). We recommend using one of the following formats: MP4, AVI, MKV und MPEG

· Your AMV cannot feature content that has an age rating of above FSK 16. Furthermore, you can’t use footage that featuresillegal pictures, sounds or otherwise problematic content like exaggerated eroticism, violence, inappropriate topics and obvious Troll AMVs.

· The AMV can feature an Intro or Outro as long as it fits with our rule about the length of your AMV. Important information on you and your AMV will be featured on the AniNite Homepage and during the contest itself.

· To guarantee a good viewing experience at the contest, please add 1-3 secondsat the beginning of your AMV with a black screen.

· The download link must be from a common OneClick hosting site (for example, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Mega, etc.). Please check if your link is unlocked for other people before submitting your AMV.

· The contest managers are allowed to move AMVs to another category if the submitted category does not fit with the content of the AMV.

· Information on footage and music must be as accurate as possible.

· If any of the rules are broken, your video might get disqualified!

· Your footage can consist out of: Anime, Games, Fandoms and other forms of Animation (Manga, Cartoons, Disney, etc.). Please keep in mind that the main theme of this AMV contest is “Anime-Style” and Japanese culture. Up to ⅓ of your AMV can use alternative footage that does not fit with this rule.

· Your AMV cannot feature content that has an age rating of above FSK 16. Furthermore, you can’t use footage that features illegal pictures, sounds or otherwise problematic content like exaggerated eroticism, violence, inappropriate topics and obvious Troll AMVs. As your video reaches a lot of people, we need to set strict boundaries.


When submitting your AMV, you’ll be able to decide in what AMV you want to compete in. The differences in those categories are basically what kind of experience you have with AMVs, your technical know-how and how many AMVs you’ve made so far. Deciding what category an editor fits in is quite hard which is why we trust you with deciding the right category for yourself. The descriptions for each category are only a guideline, so if you think that you fit better in another category, then go for it! We do not allow obvious Pro editors to compete in the Beginners category though in order to make the contest fair for everyone, so please keep this in mind.

If you’ve never made an AMV before or only just started making AMVs, then this is the category for you. It’s a beginner friendly category where you can start experimenting with your newly found hobby and let your creativity out.

You’ve been doing AMV for some time now and even had some success in the Beginner category of other contests? Then this is the category for you! This category forms the middle ground of the contest with a couple long-time editors who have had success with some of their AMVs but still have some space to improve.

This category features the high end of AMV editing. Here you’ll find people who have mastered the art of AMV and have been doing videos for a long time. You should enter into this category if you’re trying to make an AMV worthy of being the best AMV of the contest.


We try to show as many videos as possible on stage but we can’t promise that every video will be shown.

Depending on how many entries we get, we might have to cut a couple of lower scoring videos from showing them on stage.

Will I get a confirmation if you’ve received my AMV?

Yes, within 3 days after sending us your AMV, you’ll get a confirmation E-Mail. If you don’t receive a confirmation E-Mail within 3 days, please notify us and we’ll check what happened with your entry. Please also check your spam folder, in case our mail got blocked by it!

Will it be possible to watch AMVs besides the main show on stage?

The AniNite organizers are trying their best to get a room where you’ll be able to watch all AMVs at least once during the convention. But due currently ongoing planning, this cannot be promised yet.

How does the Jury judge the AMVs?

Our Jury will look at many aspects of your video, such as originality, first impression, story, complexity, quality of the cuts, scene selection, effects, atmosphere, general quality and uniqueness. The audience favourite award will be selected by the audience during the main show. The Editor’s Choice will be selected by the other editors that have entered the contest. The Jury won’t know which editor made which AMV so that the Jury can be as neutral as possible.

How can I vote for the Editor’s Choice Award?

Between Deadline and convention, all participants will receive a 4-digit code from us. With this code you’ll be able to give one vote in each category to the stage technicians at AniNite 2021.

Can I watch the AMVs after the convention?

This will be up to the other editors. We’ll try to create a Youtube-Playlist for all of the AMVs that were present at AniNite 2021, if the creator made them available publicly.

Will there be a list of all participants?

After the deadline, we’ll provide a list with all participants, artist names, used footage and music on the AniNite homepage.

I am unable to meet the deadline. What should I do?

Get in touch with us! Technical issues can always happen and shouldn’t be a reason for disqualification. If you didn’t get in touch with us and send in a video after the deadline, we will not include that video in the contest! The Jury needs to judge a lot of AMVs which makes it hard to plan for videos that have been submitted after the deadline without prior notice.

How do I know that my AMV isn’t too extreme and abides by the rules?

If you respect the rules, then there shouldn’t be any issues. Violations to our rules will be communicated to the respective editor shortly after submission (through our confirmation mail). If you’re unsure about this, you can always contact us beforehand. It’s best to just ask us about potential violations before you put in the work to save your precious editing time. If you have an unconventional AMV, it’s usually best to ask to much than too little questions.

My AMV is too long (longer than 5 minutes)!

In our experience, an average viewers attention span is about 3 minutes. Therefore, we don’t recommend that videos are nearly 5 minutes long. Especially highly edited videos are usually a lot shorter than even just 3 minutes, since the work you have to put into those projects is often a lot for just one person. We recommend that you find a good mix in length and content for your AMV from the beginning.

Will there be feedback for every submission?

The amount of submission will most likely be so high, that we can’t possibly give detailed feedback for every AMV that we’ve received. Because of that, if you want to get feedback for your video, you can get in touch with us through our social media channels or through the contact form on this website.

If any of the rules are unclear to you or if you need any help with your submission, feel free to get in touch with us!

Credits – Important

If your AMV has some kind of branded credits, please also submit a clean version. This creditless version of your AMV will only be used for judging anonymously. If you didn’t submit a creditless version, we will edit your AMV and forward this version to the Jury.


Please add the following information in your submission:
Artist Name:
E-Mail Address:
AMV Titel:
Material (Anime/Movie/Game):
Interpret (Band/Artist):
Song Title:
Category (Beginner, Advanced, Pro)
Additional Info:

Contest Manager: Arcothy B3stEck, Discord: Arco (Arcothy B3stEck)#2277
Representative Manager: Asobi, Discord: Asobi#3576

Besides this, the AMV Community is very nice and helpful to everyone. If you need any help with your AMV or have any question about footage, your editing software, etc., you can always reach out to one of the fellow editors.
Discord: https://cutt.ly/AustrianAMVDiscord
Facebook: https://cutt.ly/AustrianAMVFacebook


Arcothy B3stEck
AniNite 2012 was my first convention and since then it has been a yearly highlight for me where I can meet all of my friends. Because of that I’m very happy to be able to manage this year’s AniNite AMV-Contest. My years-long ambition and fun that I had with this hobby got me to a point where I was able to not only share my knowledge with everyone but even get a job through the skills that I got from this hobby.
I would call myself an Austrian Community Person who puts his everything into this hobby and helps other editors to bring their ideas to life through their editing software. I appreciate the original and creative ideas from this community a lot and how they develope and try out new things with their videos. I’m very excited to be able to show off your art be on stage during our big show.
Best, Arco

Hi! My Name is Nora and I create AMVs since 2013. I haven’t gotten bored of this hobby till today and I’m still discovering new areas that fascinate me. Last winter, I finished a degree course in movie & motion design at a university and now I work as a freelancer.
My love for anime and music naturally brought me to AMVs. Besides that, the interaction between music and video has a special charm on me which is why I focus on the harmony of picture and sound in my AMVs.
I’m looking forward to watching your AMVs and I’m very interested in the ideas that you’ll all bring to the table c:


Hey there, My name is Gabriel, also known as Asobi and I’ve been in the AMV Community since about 2017. My journey with AMVs started a lot earlier though. It all started when I went to my first convention, AniNite 2013, and got in touch with AMVs for the first time. Naturally I was instantly in love with AMVs after that. In the last couple years I’ve tried my best to support the Austrian AMV Community. Because of that, we got the Austrian AMV Discord server in 2019. I wish you all the best of luck and a lot of fun with this year’s AniNite AMV-Contest!

Final words

AniNite is known for doing the biggest AMV Show in Austria. This is only possible thanks to the help of all editors though. Because of that, we want to show off your creativity on the big screen again on this year’s stage!
Thanks to a stage show, a livestream, the homepage and Presenters, we’ll try our best to make AniNite 2021 the best premiere for your Video!