AMV Big Editors Choice


You want to see your best or favorite AMV creation from your past again on the big stage? Then the BEC (Big Editors Choice) is the contest for you!
This non-exclusive contest accepts AMVs that have already been published between August 8th 2015 and August 29th 2021.
What makes this contest extraordinary is that the AMVs will be judged by the other editors!
So get your favorite AMVs ready and go to battle in the Big Editors Choice arena!

General Rules:

We’ll be referring to the rules of the regular AMV-Contest, which means most of the points listed in the rules of the main AMV contest are valid for this contest too. This is just an addition which features the changed dates for this contest.
For more detailed rules, please check out:

  • You can only send in AMVs that have been published between August 8th 2015 and August 29th 2021. New and never before published AMVs are also welcome!
  • The Deadline is on July 4th 2021
  • You can’t enter videos to this contest which have already been entered to one of our previous BEC contests or videos that are already present in the main AMV contest. Though it is possible to enter this contest with a second video if you’re already participating in the main AMV contest with another video.


After the Deadline, you’ll get an Email containing:

  • A list of all participants and details on their AMVs
  • A file for judging the other AMVs
  • Info and rules for judging other AMVs
  • Information on further steps

The voting phase will be between July 11th and August 8th.

The judging-file must be complete and be sent in till August 8th.

If the judging-file is unfinished, questionable or otherwise disqualifiable, you’ll receive a penalty and lose points for your own AMV!

How to enter:

If you want to enter this contest, please send is the the following information via contact form till July 4th 2021:

Artist Name:
E-Mail Address:
Download Link:
AMV Title:
Song Title:
Additional Info:

We’ll get back to you within 3 days. If you don’t receive a confirmation mail, please contact us!

BEC Contest Manager: Asobi; Discord: Asobi#3576

Representative Manager: Arcothy B3stEck; Discord: Arco (Arcothy B3stEck)#2277